Unleash the true growth potential by investing your assets globally

Our platform is the first digital trust platform that offers clients' direct access to the world's most exclusive IPO deals as well as direct access to all asset classes globally. Never miss any investment opportunity.

Manage your assets on an one-stop trust platform securely

UTGL is a licensed Trustee under Laws of Hong Kong and follows the best practices under international laws. We strictly comply with the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing Ordinance. Our platform is highly secured to safeguard your assets.

Spend the value of your assets without selling your assets

We offer you a real unlimited* Asset Link Mastercard credit card that you can spend anywhere Mastercard is accepted while your assets stay still in your account.

*Note: your credit limit will be based on the market value of your assets placed in the trust account. There is no limit as to how much you can put into your account.

Industry focus

UTGL Trust platform highlights

Full Trust Function
Full Legal & Compliant
High Privacy & Secured
Complete Asset Wealth Proof
Hassle Free Borderless Investment
Personal & Political Risk Isolation
Flexible Cash Flow Management
World Class Mastercard Credit Card
UTGL Asset Link Credit Card
Your prestigious black card enables you to:
Enjoy spending with high level of privacy
Settle payments with various platform supported assets
Withdraw cash globally at any time and utilize Trust assets to its full potential
Enjoy exclusive cross-border secretarial services for daily needs

*Asset link credit limit is automatically derived from the market value of eligible trust assets

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Trust asset custody
UTGL takes care of your various assets including:
Investment products
Private company shares
Digital assets
Overseas assets*
Fiat cash
Precious metals
Precious goods*
NFT art

*The client should make the transfer based on the legal feasibility of the property location

Offshore Multi-currency Custody
Supported by global banks
UTGL trust account offers offshore accounts in many countries, including the United States, Singapore, Hong Kong, and European countries. From now on, you don’t need to spend a lot of time in each country to apply for a bank account.
Offshore global investment
Partnership with investment banks, private banks, international brokerages such as:
HK, China, US Stocks
Funds, Bonds, Options
Precious metals
Offshore digital asset custody
UTGL is Your Digital Asset Safe and Service is provided by DBS SG Digital Custody, the most reliable bank-level offshore digital asset custody.
Institutional digital asset custody
Singapore-based DBS Group has been listed in Singapore
The bank’s “AA-“ and “Aa” credit ratings are the highest in the world
Trust secretary for global bill payments
Exclusive trust secretarial service includes:
Mergers & acquisitions
Global property investment
Daily expense payments
Immigration expense management
Buying jewelry, cars and real estate

*All services are instructed by client and UTGL only acts on behalf of client

Goodbye to high requirements & expensive fees. Trust is no longer just for the rich.